Do I receive a nutrition plan with Nutrition Consults?


Nutrition consults are an opportunity to discuss your goals, current habits and strategies for the future. 


To achieve this, our in house qualified Nutritionist will ask you a series of questions and provide you with practical advice to implement and create real change tailored to your lifestyle and perspective of your nutrition.. 


All of the notes from the session are emailed to you, so you can review them as frequently as you would like. Unfortunately, this is not a direct nutrition plan though.



What if I want ‘Online Training or Nutrition’, but not both? 


Guess what? You’re in luck!


From our online store you can purchase our 18 week training template programs directly. Which include 3 training phases, each with 5 weeks worth of training and allocated recovery periods. 


As for nutrition, you can book in a ‘Online’ nutrition consult with Chanise our qualified Nutritionist.



Can I join if I have never exercised/ trained before? 


Most definitely!


Our philosophy begins with having a strong foundation..


Therefore we are able to help beginners through variations of movements and guide them to progress toward harder and stronger movements or training sessions…


For our Group Classes we do recommend completing an initial One on One coaching session, as this will help you become more familiar with certain movements and allow our coaches help you through more personal questions…


Although, our semi-private sessions are small and quite intimate, so an initial session is not 100% required!!



Am I able to suspend my membership if I need to? 


For sure..


Suspension of your membership is permitted, although we please ask that you provide us 7 days notice out of courtesy.


Unfortunately for our ‘Online Memberships’ there is no suspension, as these are a one time purchase for a

6-week program and is not subscription based. 


As a member, where can I go for general questions about my program and nutrition? 


Our forum page of course..


For both ‘Online memberships’ and ‘Face to Face memberships’, you will receive exclusive access to our forum page, where the One Motion coaches are free to answer questions on a daily basis. 


Face to Face members also have the luxury of direct communication with the coach taking the session. 


Both options allow adequate opportunity to address all questions regarding the progress of your training, nutrition and other individual queries.


What is meant by a guided program?


A ‘guided’ program is a template program which we have altered to suit you more personally. 


So the reps, sets and even a few exercises will be different, although the method used for developing particular skills and strengths are the same as our template programs!